To enhance their capabilities, services, and efficiency, through partnering with our clients, by providing timely and accurate computer services, training, and information

In 1997, Sandy Derato left the position of Vice President of Financial Computer Support, Inc. (vendor of the dbCAMS+ software) to form a company dedicated to providing financial software training and support services to independent financial advisors. After two name changes, this company became Planners Consulting Group, Inc. in 2001. Over the years our staff and our capabilities have expanded. In addition to product and process consulting, we specialize in data management and maintenance outsourcing, report generation, and training. Although most database software vendors provide technical support and training alternatives, Planners Consulting Group focuses on providing services which are tailored to the unique requirements of each office. We provide remote data import, entry, and reconciliation services, specialized on-site training, telephone consultation on advanced topics, and business consulting.